Landing Pages That Convert: 8 Tips for 2020

Landing Pages that convert
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Landing Pages That Convert

If you’re running campaigns to bring visitors to your website, this video is for you. Today I’m going to share with you 8 quick and easy tips on what you can do improve conversion rates up to 25% and more. 

I know what your thinking – I can increase my conversion rates by 25%? – No way. Yes, way!

If you’re not doing any of the following 8 tips I’m going to share with you, you’ll definitely see an increase once these 8 tips have been applied. Let’s dive in!

Tip 1 – The Mum Test – Otherwise Known as the 5-Second Rule

For every web page, we create, we send a copy to our moms and ask if she can tell what the page is about in 5 seconds. We’ll luckily, fortunately for us, our moms aren’t tech-savvy, this makes them perfect for this task. You want to ask someone with no or very little knowledge about websites and your landing page subject matter. If they can understand what your page is about and what your offering in 5 seconds – anyone can.

Tip 2 – Focus on 1 Offer or Service

Like most businesses, you probably offer multiple products or services, that’s great, but each landing page on your site should only focus on one thing at a time. If you’re promoting, or slightly mention another service on the page, it will create a distraction. You want to remove all distractions – remember, your competition is only a click away. Even if your visitor understands what your page is about in 5 seconds but is confused about your offer, you can lose that conversion for good.

Tip 3 – Have a Strong Headline

This probably the most obvious one of them all, but still overlooked. A good headline will help your page pass the mom test. Your headline shouldn’t be the name of your product, service or business. Your visitors don’t really care product names, this will not help with conversions. Think about how the product or service will make them feel afterwards, tune into their emotions.

For example:

  • For Weight loss products, the headline could be “get that beach-ready body”
  • For home cleaning services, the headline could be, “Home Cleaning for Busy Professionals”
  • For teeth-whitening services, the headline could be, “Get the perfect smile with cleaner white teeth”

Tip 4 – Highlight at Least 3 Core Benefits

This should be benefits your offer or service will provide your customers. Your benefits can talk about:

  • How your product will improve their lives
  • Much much money or time this product or service will save them
  • How others have benefited from this
  • Never, talk about yourself, your page copy should talk to the visitor directly and address how you can solve their pain points.

Tip 5 – Have a Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Make your CTA button stand out and above the fold. The CTA should tell your visitors what to do next, never ask permission. Avoid text like “click here if you would like to learn more”, use words like ‘Get your ‘Blank’ now!’

Tip 6 – Aftercare Service

After your visitor has converted, what will the aftercare service or relationship with you look like? Make them know that you’re not just after their money or data. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee? After they’ve converted, do they get access or able to receive special offers? Or exclusive information that can help them on their journey? Will they receive newsletters? How easy will it be for them to contact you afterwards?

Tip 7 – Add Social Proof

So you’ve talked the talk, do you walk the walk? Let them know what others have to say about you? Try and have at least 3 testimonials from people how have used your products or services. Your visitor maybe 50% sold on your offer, but just need that little nudge to press that CTA of yours. Proof that others have seen or experienced success will help them cross that conversion line.

Tip 8 – Landing Page Load Time

Have you ever clicked on a link that took you to a landing page and the page took ages to load? And in some cases, you were so impatient, you clicked the back button and visited another website? Well, you don’t want your page to be, that page. There are many factors which can cause a page to load slowly, so not going to go through them here, but there are many free tools online that will list issues causing your page to load slowly. One of the tools we use is GTmetrix.

Once you have built your landing page, pop the URL into GT Metrix to test the page load speed. GT Metrix is free to use and offer a paid service to people who want to dive deeper into the weeds. For most people, the free version is usually good enough.

GT Metrix will give your page a performance score and list all the issues what’s preventing the page from loading quickly. If your page is taking longer than 4 seconds to load, you can send this list to your web team for them to address the issues.

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