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What you will Learn on the course

  • What is conversion optimization?
  • Introduction to testing approaches & methodologies
  • Clear definition of business goals & KPIs you want to improve
  • Test scheduling & timeline
  • Web analytics & important metrics
  • Live user testing & tools
  • Customer experience analytics
  • Segmentation, behavioural & technology based testing
  • Wire-framing
  • Introduction to different testing tools
  • Results monitoring & analysis
  • User discovery & personal targeting
  • Landing page & eCommerce considerations
  • Develop your own cost-effective CRO strategy
  • Optimise paths to conversion on your website
  • Use qualitative and quantitative insights gathering
  • Translate insights into actionable optimization recommendations
  • Describe the different testing approaches and methodologies

Web analytics is sometimes the most daunting side of experimentation for those new to conversion optimization. We’re on hand to demystify the maths and help our clients interrogate their data with confidence.

Conversion psychology is critical for CRO and it offers many valuable lessons to marketers. You can create psychology benchmarks like:

  • Perceived value,
  • Urgency & Scarcity,
  • Price Anchoring

This will allow you to alter pages to create a conversion centred designs that will persuade users to navigate through your site and convert.

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